Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Story Behind the Stores

Do you ever have pictures or images pop into your head when you hear a story or listen to someone talking? My husband and I do - often!

We've been inspired to help improve the way the world thinks. It seems so much that you hear and read is bad news - descriptions of awful things and awful people. It's very easy to think that the entire world is falling apart and there's nothing good left in it. We are motivated to point out those good things and remind people to "think positive" and "stop and smell the roses". We really do only have one life and I, for one, want to live it joyously and noticing all the wonderful things around me!

So, over the years my husband and I developed these images, graphics, that are geared towards keeping our mind on the good things. But we didn't know how to get them "out there" where others could utilize them. We were not interested in running a retail business, nor did we have the funds to invest in a bunch of inventory that we would have to store and try to sell somehow. We felt like we had good ideas, but no outlet.

A few months ago we discovered a resource that has allowed us to build an online gift shop featuring our designs. There was no cost to develop the site and there are many products available from the manufacturer. These products can be purchased one at a time or a few at a time so there's no bulk ordering required. And the manufacturer handles all the orders, processing the payment, creating the goods, and shipping directly to the recipient! It seems we found our perfect solution - an online store where we can promote our designs, help improve how the world thinks, and make some money. All this at no cost to us. We are thrilled!

So, we have established two online gift shops - one for evangelical designs at and one for motivational designs at I hope that you will take a look and see if any of our designs encourage you to think more positively and enjoy each day!

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