Saturday, October 31, 2009

College Christians

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It doesn't seem like it's been almost two months since we last posted. Time flies when you're having fun... or when you're not feeling well. I continue to struggle with my chronic illness but continue to find pieces of the puzzle that will lead to my getting well.

Most of the time I attempt to think Half Full ( see previous post ) but sometimes it gets very difficult. Enought about me let's talk about designs and provoking thoughts. Our niece has opened her own store offering inspirational, Christian-based designs. I'm very proud of her for professing her faith openly at the age of 19 (or 20 I forget). I didn't have the strength to do it and would have been too worried about what others thought of me.

Sydnie attended Iowa State last year and she developed a design for fans of Iowa State and God. You can check it out at her store... 'N' God's Time. It says "I am Saved". As an ISU grad I bought one of her shirts and am proud to wear it!
She also has a version for Hawkeye and University of Northern Iowa fans plus other fans of the Bible. I think she has some real talent and her willingness to spread the word is awesome!

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